Joining a Golf Club


Many people have thought of being a member of a golf country club at one point or another. Opposingly, those you are still learning golf at public courses do not consider golf clubs in the meantime. When you are already a golf aficionado, joining a famous golf club is a good move. Before becoming a member of the area’s famous golf country club there are a few things that you should know.

The first thing you should consider is your own expectation from your experience with golf. You should remember that it is not cheap to be a member of a golf country club, therefore you should be certain that it is something you truly want to put your heart into. This is also the reason for choosing only the best Scottsdale golf club. For this purpose, it is good to read golf course reviews. One should remember that the more exclusive the country club is, the pricier it will be to be a member. Typically, there are two fees you should be mainly concerned. The first is your entrance or membership fee which people know as an initiation fee and the other fees are your dues that you pay either monthly or yearly.

In some cases, scottsdale country club do not charge initiation fees. Alternately, you will be required to find a sponsor who is another member of the club. Moreover, in these kinds of country clubs, the rest of your other fees may also be higher. Thus, before joining any of the clubs in the area, you should take some time to compare the services that each club has to offer, as well as their facilities and perk and not just the price of their membership and other fees. For example, other clubs have facilitie for other sports besides their golf courses. Needless to say, a club membership is suitable for those who are truly avid golfers.

The difference between a public golf course and an exclusive golf course is that the latter is less crowded. You can have more time enjoying this leisure activity because there are less or no people competing over a certain golf course. Moreover, the grounds of an exclusive golf club appear more well-maintained.

On the other hand the downside of course is the hefty price that you have to pay to become a member. And do not forget that there are fees to using their carts and other amenities. this is the reason why it is not a joke to become a member of an exclusive country club. In short you have to be an avid golfer who is determined to play golf for a long period of time to get a membership. In short, even if you can afford it, the country club experience does not automatically suit your lifestyle. But if golf is your passion check this scottsdale golf club.